Get Stoned

When I was about 13, I sneaked into my dad's dopp kitt and "borrowed" his razor.  Oh no, I was not going to shave my legs.  I had already been shaving for two years and had my own razor.  I took his to shave the pills off of my sweaters.  Of course I did not mention this to him, nor was I courteous enough to change the blade when I was through, which led to my dad arriving at the breakfast table the next morning with tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck to the cuts on his face.  If you read this, dad, I sincerely apologize for that egregious offense.  To try to right that wrong, allow me to post you on an amazing find (again by The Laundress!!) in order to save the faces of the men you love.  The Sweater Stone has restored my most favorite cashmere and wool sweaters, leaving them free of unsightly pilling.  And, even better than my dad's razor, the Sweater Stone does not add pulls to your sweater as you are trying to rid it of pills.  I'm giddy!!