Do or Di-or

One of my chief delights after a mani/pedi is seeing my nails resemble tiny hard candies - so pretty and shiny and smooth!  Try as I might, I find it near impossible to recreate this look at home.  Is it because I don't own a nail dryer?  Should I blame my brand of polish?  Perhaps it's the fact that without a stern Russian manicurist shooting me daggers with her eyes, I cannot sit still long enough to dry properly?  Recently I was told (by said stern manicurist who is also very nice) that one of the keys to flawless painting is the number of swipes.  The more brush strokes, the more likely the polish will look streaky and rough.  Enter Dior Vernis polish with it's new extra-wide brush which covers the whole nail in one to two swipes!  Next challenge, Dior, is to create something that will keep me still enough to let my nails dry at home.