Standing O or Hello No: Emmy Ladies in Red

The title of this post reminds me of the time when my best friend was crowned Miss St Nicholas.  (Note that this is a high honor in Filipine tradition.)  After her coronation, with an empty dance floor, the DJ decided to spin "Lady in Red."  In short order I was asked by a recently arrived Filipino relative (read:  FOB or "Fresh Off the Boat") to dance.  I obliged and we spent the entire, agonizingly long song dancing alone as no one saw fit to join us.  To make it doubly uncomfortable, my dance partner decided to sing into my ear (using as many English words as he could muster), amending the refrain to "Lady in black..." in order to pay homage to my dress color of the evening. Embarrassment does not begin to describe what my 16 year old self was feeling.  With that I submit to you true ladies in red who all receive a "Standing O" for their Emmy dress choices.