Freaky Friday

We don't like to brag [insert roaring laughter here] but we were a bit prophetic about Hailee Steinfeld rocking this gorgeous Miu Miu dress worn in Vogue by model Lara Stone.  Ok ok, but she IS the face of Miu Miu you may say, so it would stand to reason that she might don this in their ad campaign.  And to that we kindly ask you to keep your comments to yourself and allow us to gloat as if we birthed this idea ourselves.  Moving forward - while I think this look could be interpreted as a tad adult for a 14 year old, Hailee's ability to transcend time makes this pairing believable at the same time that the birdies make this dress youthful and fun.  Although we can't see the shoes, I'm hoping they styled her with the gold sparklers from the first shot in this slideshow.