F Yes to FNO!

Sometimes when I think that my job can't get any better, it high-fives me and DOES.  Case and point...as mentioned, I'll be guest styling at Reiss Bleecker Street for FNO (Fashions Night Out) on Thursday, September 8.  Last Friday I went to the store to select my "picks" for FNO; my initial instruction was 5 pieces for men and 5 pieces for women.  But then the Head of Visual Merchandising, Gabriel, (AKA The Angel) showed up to say that I should select 7 (SEVEN!!) head-to-toe looks for women and 4 for men and (even better) that he'll give me the whole middle of the store with all my looks surrounding me!!  It was like the sky opened up and the sun shone directly on ME.  (Is it too soon after the hurricane to talk about skies opening up?!  And why is the verb shine so hard to conjugate??) Not only that but I was later told that my photos from the Reiss shoot that I styled will be appearing on the website's HOME PAGE, not just in their blog.  Excuse me while I go play Mega Millions.