Standing O or Hell No: Jessie J

I'm not sure what your recurring anxiety dream is (curlers in your hair at work?  wearing only underwear in front of your boss?), but mine is breaking a foot and having to sport a boot in public.  I always cry inwardly when I spot that girl trying to wear a cute flat on one foot and what appears to be Sasquatch's snow shoe on the other.  So when presented with a broken appendage, a necessary evil (said boot), and an awards show (MTV VMAs), what would Wardrobe Whisperer do?!  I'm not exactly sure but let me be clear, it would NOT be this.   Jessie J's outfit is what would happen if the Swarovski swan and one of the animals from Alice in Wonderland had a baby.  Fanciful and sparkly, yes, but attractive?  HELL NO!