G(Q) Whiz

Have you ever been leafing through the pages of a fashion magazine, detected an item you wanted (must have it NOW!), and then realized that you can't just click and buy?   I end up dutifully extracting the page and putting it aside with good intentions but, inevitably, my one year old rips it to shreds rendering the beloved item unrecognizable.  Gilt Groupe's newest (full-price) retail site, Park & Bond, has taken measures to solve that problem. (To be clear I mean the click-and-buy problem, not the problem of my rowdy one-year-old...Dear Park & Bond, can you solve that problem too?)   Visit the site and see editor's selects from GQ Magazine compiled all in one area so you can just click and purchase.  No need to risk a pile of shredded pages on your floor unless, of course, you are planning to train a new puppy.