Be My Guest

We at Wardrobe Whisperer have a secret.  And despite how difficult it is to keep secrets, we are exceedingly (and surprisingly) good at it.  We don't mean to tease (nah-nah, nah-nah-nah) but the above photo is a test shot from the "Brooklyn Story" shoot we styled last Thursday night in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.  (A million thank yous to Erica Shires, Rachel Golden, Elyssa Pierre Immacula, and Demir Gjokaj!)  Final images are under wraps until their lead-up-to-fashion-week reveal when we'll be featured as a Guest Stylist on the website and blog of a major label.  Don't try to get us to drop any hints on said label (think Kate Middleton) because that just wouldn't be fair.  Patience, gentle readers!