Picture Perfect

alexander-mcqueen-rug-the-rug-company Why cover a National Geographic photo on a fashion blog?  Because the above is not a photo but a luxuriant hand-knotted silk and cashmere rug designed by the late, great Alexander McQueen.  If you were as enamored with his 2009 collection as I was (which featured many pieces with hummingbirds), then you will be enchanted by his devastatingly beautiful design for the Rug Company.  Eerie and spectacular in equal measures, these colorful birds are captured forever ascending into the night sky.  They say that hummingbirds flap their wings at a rate of approximately 100 flaps per second.  If you had $10 for each flap captured in this sumptuous rug, you could still not afford it.  ($18,900 made to order)