Standing O, Hell No, or So-So: Kate Moss

On Friday, Kate Moss wed Kills guitarist, Jamie Hince.  What say you of the gown?  I say I'm a bit underwhelmed.  I know, I know, Kate's personal style has never been fussy or complicated and they did get married in a tiny country church for which a flowy, easy dress is appropriate and, I agree, that the romantic, bias-cut reflects Galliano's signature BUT you are KATE MOSS for Pete's sake, not a country maiden (or are you?!)!  You arguably have the best face and body in the industry not to mention you have every designer at your beckon call.  With these enviable resources, do you not seek just a tad more pizazz?

Let's dissect.  My favorite element of this dress is right below the bodice where two triangles over the thighs give the illusion of a garter belt.  I also dig how the skirt is then sheer enough to see a glimpse of Kate's legs.  The upper half is where I am struggling.  It's pretty but doesn't appear to fit fantastically well and is just sort of...there.   I applaud the fact that it is NOT strapless (bravo!) but I feel as if a slight rework of the top (more fitted, less wide V, more discernible crystals clustered on the sheer straps) could've taken this over the top (wretched pun intended).  For the this I give Kate a so-so and will now enjoy 7 years of bad fashion luck.