Life's An Itch

A few years ago I decided to be gallant and step aside on a crowded sidewalk to let a pregnant woman pass.  I had on a straight, close-fitting, silk maxi dress and (full-disclosure) very brief white undies (read:  thong).  Little did I know, construction was happening under the subway grate I stepped upon, complete with industrial sized fans whose air immediately shot the hem of my dress up over my head.  Being the dress was so long, it took me several (agonizing) moments to reach its bottom and pull it back down.   I did receive a spontaneous round of applause from amused passers-by to which I took a deep (red-faced) bow.  Something tells me my dress will not fetch the $5.6M at auction that Marilyn Monroe's iconic "subway" dress from The Seven Year Itch did Saturday night in Beverly Hills.