Fashion Forum: Part Deux

On Tuesday I returned to Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village for another segment of Fashion Forum.  I was greeted by many familiar faces from my lecture in January.  This time the theme was an informal Q&A on all things regarding fashion and style.   For 1.5 hours I was peppered with questions of all types ranging from proper garment care, to queries on fit/fabric/brand, to how to create a polished look.  The audience was lively and engaged in large part but about an hour in, after questioning how much shirt sleeve should protrude from his suit jacket (I recommend .5")  I noticed heavy eyelids and slack-jaw in the back row (horror!).  I will comfort myself by noting that it was dark and rainy however, mental note to self:  next session Jolt gum will be dispensed along with my business cards.