Manuel Labor

Recently I spent a week in Italy (sans baby - oh glory days!) and had a fabulous time gorging on gnocchi, wine, cappuccini, and of course fashion.  Upon my return a client asked what inspired me the most.  Easy:   men's wear.  The Florentine men specifically were knocking it out of the park.  Their simple formula of navy sport-coat + light blue shirt + brown/taupe/tan pants + brown belt and shoes, while not revelatory, was incredible and I credit cut.  The garments were so well fitted that they appeared to have been sewn while on the body.  A young stand-out nailing fit and also pushing the envelope with design is Manuel Ritz.  A visit to the store revealed incredibly well constructed, impeccably tailored pieces of fantastic quality boasting fresh flourishes like multi-colored "kissing" buttons on a jacket's sleeve.  Certainly for a younger (and more fashionable) set, this designer was offering something  I've not seen the likes of.  Bravissimo, Manuel Ritz!!  Now all Manuel needs to do is make gelato and he will be the perfect Renaissance man.