H&M and Lanvin Sitting in a Tree

H&M is going luxury!  Today the international retail chain unveiled their Lanvin collection online and it’s stunning.  The ruffled, flirty dresses and sexy satin shoes make me want to attend scores of holiday parties.  The men’s line is equally as amazing.  Fortuitously the holidays are approaching so I can grab as many jackets and blazers as possible for my husband.  The only caveat is that the launch is not until November 23rd.  Perhaps REI can assist as I prep to start queuing now.

You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Skinny

The old adage remains true as evidenced by this Piaget white gold ultra-thin mechanical “Dancer” watch that measures 2.1 mm thick.  At almost $19K you’d have to be too rich to purchase it.

Take from the Rich, Give to the Poor

Apparently Nordstrom is stealing a page from Robin Hood’s play book.  Next fall the Seattle-based chain is slated to open a store in SoHo which will donate all of its profits to charity.  Like R.H., Nordstrom will attempt stealth; The 11,000 sq ft store coming to 350 West Broadway will reportedly not be called Nordstrom.  No news yet on either a name or on whether they will sell tights for men.

Weekend at Barneys

barneys coop

Barneys Coop has finally come to its senses and opened a store in the actual place its clothing is meant to channel – BROOKLYN!  Not sure that Cobble Hill is the neighborhood that best embodies the edgy sensibility that the Coop has become famous for, but beggars cannot be choosers.  The good news is that the atmosphere is decidedly less pretentious as it has been overrun with the mommy/baby set.  I even heard Simon Doonan (Barneys Creative Director) is talking about installing a ramp to accommodate the wee tots.  Welcome to Brooklyn!

Watch Your Temper

Aurora Shoe Strings_Temperley

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Temperley proves you can with these ingenious Aurora Shoe Strings.  Take last winter’s favorite pump, wind these around the heel and cross in front, and be prepared for your temperment to change.

Round Out Your Look


The 1950’s hasn’t only exploded on the women’s fashion scene this winter.  Witness these men’s black, round-toed boots.  Very James Dean, no?  Instead of scowering the vintage shops for just the right pair, take advantage of Topman‘s good design sense and order a pair on line.

Mount Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Shoe

Before you get upset with me, yes, I know that it is Mount Olympus and that Olympia is elsewhere in Greece.  But I ask you, if I submitted to proper geography and naming conventions, how could I make a pun about mounting these 6″ platforms by Charlotte Olympia?  You see my quandary.  What I am not in a quandary over is how to wear these shoes (besides as much as possible).  If you love color like I do, toss them on with an already colorful dress.  If you prefer to allow the shoe to make the loudest statement, try something more simple.  Either way, your style quotient will climb.

Bombs Away!

Burberry Bomber

Much to my delight, shearling bomber jackets are appearing everywhere this season.  From Jerome Dreyfuss (Isabel Marant’s husband) to Bebe to H&M to my very favorite, Burberry Prorsum pictured here.  Invoke your inner bad-ass and try styling one with a skirt or dress.  You can make the look more congruent by adding combat-inspired lace up Alexandre Birman boots.  You’ll be the bomb!

Duluth Sleuth


Full disclosure:  one of my biggest style pet peeves is a grown man carrying a backpack to work (or anywhere for that matter).  Let me repeat: NOT acceptable.  Unless, of course,  your idea of a backpack is the sleek urban “Scout” utility pack pictured here.  I fell in love with an almost identical version at Barneys called the Flap Top Backpack which runs for $235.  A little investigation of Duluth’s own site yielded the Scout pack for $85 (the only discernable difference being the patch).   If you were so inclined you could wield a $3 pair of seam rippers, remove said patch, and stash the money you’ve saved in your new, cool pack.

(Cow) Hide and Seek


Has leather ever been so pretty?  I never remember it being more so than this season’s beautiful lady-like skirts fashioned from calf skin.  I’m particularly taken with this beauty from Louis Vuitton, but everyone is showing them – Vince, Celine, and Martin Grant to name a few.   So go seek the style that suits you best.   As for me, I’ll continue to dream about the LV pictured here but will likely invest in this shorter (sigh) but infinitely more affordable Cynthia Steffe.

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