Kissing the Marni Stone

Marni Necklace

Just when I thought I was over statement necklaces, Marni displayed this beauty on the Milan runway.  A dash of Chanel with the layered chains, a pinch of Alice in Wonderland in the imagination, and a heap of genius in the construction, I am enamored.  I ask myself: Self, would it be okay to wear this piece with almost everything in my closet?  My answer:  Yes!   It is lawless mixing gold/silver, metallic/color, metal/glass, delicate/chunky and so why not follow its lead and mix it with t-shirts/blouses, frilly frocks/suits, patterns/solids and ENJOY the endless rain of compliments you will receive.

The New Drive…errr…Walk Through


I have to hand it to Target.  They’re just cocky enough to:

  • Add a temporary (AKA Pop Up) shop in Manhattan (Target to Go, Gansevoort Street and Washington Street at the High Line entrance. 12/11–12/13; daily, 9:30–8.)
  • Ask people to line up in artic temps
  • NOT allow people into the “store”
  • Hand customers a shopping menu (of sorts)
  • Offer a mere 50 items via a walk-through window

Granted, free delivery is available if you purchase $100 or more AND there are a few of the Rodarte for Target items available pre the December 20 in-store launch but GEEZ, you can’t even try anything on.  That takes (snow) balls.

$150 for 4 Pair of Louboutins!


This is the deal of the century if your foot happens to be .5″ long.  I’m sick and tired of the fashion industry pandering to the extremely tiny.  And now this additional injustice!  Viewing these shoes is tempting me to resurrect the ancient custom of foot binding.  Is anyone with me?!

Distill My Beating Heart!


Lucky Magazine has decided to don a red hat and play Santa’s little helper by launching their new online shopping portal just in time for the holidays.  What’s truly lucky for us is that the portal distills the best picks from over 40 of our favorite retail sites like YOOX, Nordstrom, Bluefly, and Shopbop.  (I’m just about crossing names off of my gift list as I type!)  As much as I’d like to see the “Fantastic Mr. Fox” themed windows at Bergdorf Goodman, I may just stay home and let my fingers do the walking…and the holiday shopping.

American Beauty


The holiday season is upon us (like it or not) and with that comes a lot of dashing around the city.  In between shopping for holiday gifts, turkeys, and a plan for New Year’s Eve, add to your agenda a stop at American Beauty:  Aesthetics and Innovation in Fashion.  FIT’s stunning new exhibition can be visited (with all of your out- of-town company in tow) from November 06, 2009 – January 09, 2010.  The 75 garments (mostly dresses) being displayed are from 31 designers including the Mulleavy sisters (Rodarte), Halston, Rick Owens, Ralph Rucci, and Isabel Toledo.  “The garments in American Beauty are connected by one overriding criterion:  They have all been created by designers who utilized the craft of dressmaking as the point of departure to create beautiful, wearable objects,” says Patricia Mears, deputy director of the Museum at FIT.  During all of the holiday madness, this is the perfect opportunity to stop and smell see the roses.

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Rent the Runway

One of the many neuroses common to New Yorkers is obsession with rent.  And the lawlessness with which we seek data on everyone’s monthly payments is ruthless.  Now we have another vehicle to fuel others’ rent obsessions – Rent the Runway.  Instead of apartment envy, pals and new acquaintances alike will envy your rented designer party frocks (think Hervé Léger, Proenza Schouler, Just Cavalli).  Dresses go from $50-$200 which entitles you to 4 days of wear (there’s an 8 day option for an additional cost) after which you pop the garments into an envelope and return – RTR dry cleans for you!  When renting a new designer, they even provide two sizes so you don’t have to worry about the fit (or just in case the holidays sneak up on you and your lower half  faster than you’d like).  Their motto:  love, wear, return.  My motto:  love, leave, love again (and again and again)!


“Chic” in a NY lexicon would be loosely translated as “wearing all black.”  This, undoubtedly, is A good look (“a” being the operative article), but it should be one of many.  There’s so much more to life than achromatic color.  For instance, actual color – you know ROY G BIV.   So when the cold weather arrives and you, like me, are drowning in oceans (seas, lakes, rivulets!) of colorlessness, try injecting some of the stuff directly between your toes (or around them as the case may be).   Men, begin with  your favorite navy suit, crisp white shirt, navy wool tie, and white pocket square.  Add these Barneys over the calf socks and burnished brown shoes and you, unlike Sharon Stone a la Basic Instinct, will be showing just enough when you cross your legs.

Fashion’s Night Out Reprised!

fashion-night-out (1)

On September 10th next year prepare to stagger into the office with blood shot eyes and swollen feet, wearing an outfit from the night before.  If Fashion’s Night Out 2010 even approaches the success of this September’s event then it will be year two for your fashion walk of shame.

Women’s Wear Daily reported today that  Mayor Bloomberg, VOGUE, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and NYC & Co. will reprise the event on September 09, 2010.  This means more models, more designers, and more celebrities at all of our favorite stores (read:  hours of gawking)! You can even sign up now on the official web site to “be the first to know” about all details related to the event.   Last I checked on the site’s ticker, it’s just 314 Days, 9 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds away!

Joie OTK Boots = TKO

joie_OTK boots

Happy Happy Joie Joie!   At long last – the spawn of sexy, practical, and current in boot form.  (A ménage is okay – they’re French!)  The “Caravan’s” gorgeous columnar shape creates the illusion of a never ending leg while a minuscule 1″ stacked heel ensures day to night wear-ability.  Granted OTK boots are a mega-trend this fall but the Caravan’s price tag is justified.  Here’s why – tall boots will be forever in fashion so even if OTK isn’t infinite, these allow you to simply turn them down below the knee.  Voilà – these Joie OTK boots are a TKO!

Will Wool Tie Up Too Bulky? KNOT!


Many of my clients smile, nod their head dutifully (to show they’re listening), and then firmly PASS when I recommend a wool tie for winter. For most, the argument is that the knot will tie up too bulky. Like many other details of dress, sporting a wool tie comes down to proportion. First, the tie should be a thinner width (than that of a conventional silk) like the one pictured here from Alexander Olch. This will ensure the knot doesn’t obscure your entire throat. Second, consider a spread collar for proper display (a frame for the photo if you will). And, third, a sturdy tie is best paired with a sturdy suit (think tweeds, flannels, and winter-weight wools). My recommendation is to purchase at least one wool tie and make it gray which will complement navy, gray, black, and brown suits. It’s simply knot what you’ve been thinking all these years.

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