Hey Look Everyone: SHOES!

Fabrizio Viti makes you want to buy these for the name alone: Summer Fever Sexy Sandal


Dear God,

I need to be honest with you.  This weather isn’t doing much for your reputation.  I’ve been hearing your name a lot lately, but in unfriendly, and often aggressive, contexts.  Perhaps a few more degrees will increase your approval rating?  In the meantime, because I like you, I’ll attempt to distract them with images of pretty shoes.  In my experience, this technique rarely fails.  Feel free to use it when necessary.  Here goes…

Hey look everyone – SHOES!!!


Valentino Rock Stud Suede Multi Strap Sandals


Samuele Failli Lauren Suede Sandals


Gianvito Rossi Ankle Tie Sandals with Lucite Heel


Walter De Silva Rita Velvet Sandals


Saint Laurent Majorelle Leather Sandals


Gucci Bow Suede Pumps

Alaia Snakeskin Ankle Strap Sandals