A few things a stylist “buys” on a Monday

I’d rather swim all day in a heavily chlorinated pool with my eyes and mouth wide open than to sit for an hour in Starbucks.  I’m not sure what lies within the fumes of their coffee but each and every time I go there I stagger out nauseated and in need of fresh air. It’s the closest spot with free WiFi and has outlets galore, though, and so there is no end in sight to my suffering.

That intro has nothing to do with actual fashion, only my efforts to write about fashion. Which, in this environment have been seriously hampered.  So allow me not to tax my brain (or airways) further.  Let’s just look at the items that I helped people buy today.  It’s much more fun (and less toxic):

This photo requires no caption.

Gucci Ophelia Ankle Strap Sandals

Summer pocket square by Simmonet Godard

John Vizzone Suit

Gauchere pleated midi skirt

OK, no one actually bought this $3K Alice Archer kimono but I’m going on record to say I love it.