The Kill Shot: Federer Graces GQ

A stone cold fox sitting on what might be an actual stone cold fox. 

This GQ photo is nothing if not a testament to the power of allure inherent to Roger Federer.  Who else, pray tell, could convincingly lounge on a fur throw in white sport socks and corresponding tight white short-shorts while cuddling with a tennis trophy AND SPORTING A BLAZER OVER A T-SHIRT SWEATER COMBO?!  Yet somehow I’m buying what he’s selling even if that boils down to nothing more than his image.

Now let’s get a look at the other photos supporting his I’m-sexy-in-athleisure-image because they are all awesome in their own right:

Sweats + Tennis Sweater + Peak Lapel Blazer = OBVIOUS (to no one but Roger Federer)

In tennis, and in life really, I believe this would be known as the “kill shot.”