Ask Wardrobe Whisperer: Belt + Suspenders?

You can don a belt with your suspenders if your style icon is Bill Lumbergh. And if you match them to your tie, you too can look this good.

Recently I was called in to end a family feud.  It was a father/son showdown regarding suspenders and whether or not they should be worn with a belt.  The answer is that both accessories were designed to keep your pants from falling down and so they should not be worn together.  That would, for us ladies, be like wearing Spanx and a girdle.  Or a bustier and a bra.  A decision must be made between the two.  When settling this particular debate I was tempted to add that a person who feels it necessary to wear both belt AND suspenders might also have some deep-seated trust issues.  But then I reminded myself that no one cares about my psychological interpretations of sartorial conundrums.  (But why is this I wonder?  Is it because I don’t have a psychology degree?  Qualifications smallifications!  I think we can all agree they are irrelevant and unnecessary.)  So if anyone would like to hear more of my psychological analysis, please do contact me directly.  I’m more than happy to spew all sorts of ill informed and misguided nonsense your way.  In the meantime, let’s look at some truly dapper gentlemen who are aware of the no-belt-with-suspenders-rule:

Tattoos optional. Belt not optional.


This outfit is luda and yet oddly convincing.


Hello, sir.

And no post about suspenders could go without a look in the review mirror at this memorable image:

There isn’t much right about this outfit today but even this d-bag knew not to wear a belt.